Anti-Deception Events

Online Shopping Scam / Telephone Deception (Guess who) (Kowloon West Regional Crime Prevention Office)


1.Between 1100 and 1200 hours on 2023-10-25

2.Between 1100 and 1200 hours on 2023-10-25

3.Between 1200 and 1300 hours on 2023-10-25

4.Between 1100 and 1200 hours on 2023-10-26

5.Between 1130 and 1230 hours on 2023-11-01

6.Between 1430 and 1530 hours on 2023-11-01

7.Between 1500 and 1600 hours on 2023-11-02

8.Between 1500 and 1600 hours on 2023-11-02


1.At the junction of Pei Ho Street and Ki Lung Street, Sham Shui Po

2.At the junction of Dundas Street and Nathan Road, Mongkok

3.At the junction of Prince Edward Road West and Portland Street, Mongkok

4.Outside To Kwa Wan Market, Ma Tau Wai Road, To Kwa Wan

5.Outside Mount Sterling Mall, Lai Wan Road, Mei Foo Sun Chuen

6.At the junction of Haiphong Road and Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

7.Outside Tai Kok Tsui Market

8.Outside Kowloon City Plaza, Carpenter Road, Kowloon City

Target Audience

The general public


The highlight of the Event is as follows:


Distribution of anti-deception leaflet and souvenir