Anti-Deception Events

Distribution of Anti-Online Shopping Scam Leaflet (Shatin District)


1. Between 1100 hours and 1200 hours on 2023-08-09

2. Between 1600 hours and 1630 hours on 2023-08-11

3. Between 1630 hours and 1700 hours on 2023-08-15

4. Between 1100 hours and 1200 hours on 2023-08-23


1. The Tolo Place, Ma On Shan

2. Fung Wo Estate, Shatin

3. Sun Chui Estate, Tai Wai

4. Marbella, Ma On Shan

Target Audience

The general public


The highlight of the Event is as follows:


Officers of Police Community Relations Office of Shatin District conduct anti-deception leaflet distribution to raise the public awareness.