Anti-Deception Events

Anti-deception leaflet distribution (Kowloon City District)


  1. Between 0800-0845 hours on 2023-07-04

  2. Between 1500-1545 hours on 2023-07-07

  3. Between 0830-0915 hours on 2023-07-10

  4. Between 1500-1545 hours on 2023-07-11

  5. Between 1030-1200 hours on 2023-07-13

  6. Between 0830-0915 hours on 2023-07-14


  1. Kam Shing Road Recreation Ground, Kowloon Tong

  2. Lung To Street, Fung Yi Street, Luk Ming Street, Lun Cheung Street, Ying Yeung Street, Pang Ching Street, Hung Wan Street, Shim Luen Street, Yin On Street, Tsun Fat Street, Hok Ling Street, Ma Tau Kok Road, Mok Cheong Street, To Kwa Wan

  3. Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom

  4. Oi Man Estate, Ho Man Tin

  5. Kowloon Hospital, Argyle Street, Kowloon City

  6. Grand Waterfront, To Kwa Wan

Target Audience

The general public


The highlight of the Events is as follows:


Officers of Police Community Relations Office of Kowloon City District will conduct ‘Anti-deception leaflet distribution’.