Anti-Deception Events

“Mainland Official” Phone Scammers / Financial Intermediaries (Regional Crime Prevention Office of Kowloon West)


  1. Between 1130-1230 hours on 2023-03-29
  2. Between 1100-1200 hours on 2023-03-30
  3. Between 1100-1200 hours on 2023-03-30
  4. Between 1500-1600 hours on 2023-03-30



  1. Lai Wan Market, Mei Foo
  2. At the junction of Dundas Street and Nathan Road, Yaumatei
  3. Outside Celestial Place Shopping Centre, Kau Pui Lung Road, To Kwa Wan
  4. Outside New Town Mall, 65 Argyle Street, Mong Kok


Target Audience

The general public



The highlight of the Event is as follows:



Distribution of anti-Telephone Deception and Health Protection leaflets