Anti-Deception Events

Regional Publicity Day (Anti-burglary, robbery, quick-cash crime)

1-5. Between 1000 and 1800 hours on 2021-09-17
  1. Tseung Kwan O area
    • Ta Ku Ling San Tsuen
    • Mang Kung Uk
    • Ma Yau Tong Village
    • MCP Fresh
    • Metro City
    • TKO Gateway
    • East Point City
    • Metro City
    • Bauhinia Garden
    • Choi Ming Shopping Centre
  2. Sai Kung area
    • Sun King Terrace, Tan Cheung Road
    • Pak Sha Wan, Hiram’s Highway
    • Ho Chung Village
  3. Wong Tai Sin area
    • Tsz Wan Shan area
    • Lok Fu area
    • Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre
    • San Po Kong area
    • Tai Shing Street market
    • Mikiki
    • Lok Fu Place
    • Temple Mall South
    • Lower Wong Tai Sin Estate
    • Fung Tak Estate
    • Wang Tau Hom Estate
  4. Kwun Tong area
    • Tsui Ping area
    • Hoi Yuen road, Hung To road, and Shing Yip street
    • Shui Wo Street Market
    • Lei Yue Mun Shopping Centre
    • Kai Tin Shopping Centre
    • Tak Tin Shopping Centre
    • APM
    • Hong Pak Court
    • Lei Yue Mun Estate
    • Mut Wah street
    • Hip Wo street
  5. Sau Mau Ping and Ngau Tau Kok area
    • On Tai Estate
    • On Tat Estate
    • Shun Tin Estate
    • Tak Bo Shopping Centre
    • Lower Ngau Tau Kok Market
    • Ching Long Shopping Centre
    • Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre
    • Yue Man Centre, Po Tat Shopping Centre
    • Upper Ngau Tau Kok Estate
    • Lok Wah South Estate
    • Sau Mau Ping Estate
    • Hang On Street
    • Hong Ning Road
Target Audience
The general public
The highlight of the Event is as follow:
  • Patrol Sub-units and officers of Police Community Relations Office of Tseung Kwan O Police District, Wong Tai Sin Police District, Kwun Tong Police District and Sau Mau Ping Police District join Officers of Kowloon East Regional Crime Prevention Office to distribute leaflets, pamphlets and souvenirs for enhancing public’s alertness on prevalent telephone deception and quick cash crime.
Regional Publicity Day (Anti-burglary, robbery, quick-cash crime)