Anti-Deception Events

Joint Anti-Deception Leaflet Distribution with Representatives of Local Community

  1. Between 1500 and 1630 hours on 2021-06-04
  2. Between 1100 and 1230 hours on 2021-06-11
  3. Between 1100 and 1230 hours on 2021-06-17
  4. Between 1430 and 1600 hours on 2021-06-24
  1. Tai Po Boat Club
  2. Sha Tau Kok Fish Farm
  3. Tai Po
  4. Sam Mun Tsai Fishermen Village
The highlight of the Event is as follow:
  • In view of the ascending trend of deception cases, officers of Police Community Relations Office of Marine Outer Waters District will engage with representatives of local community such as members of fisherman associations and members of District Fight Crime Committee to jointly distribute anti-deception leaflets to the public.