Emotional Disturbances Faced by Scam Victims

Fear, loneliness, greed and ignorance are common human frailties which fraudsters bring into play to set traps for vulnerable target groups. Being experts in identifying your emotional weaknesses and employing psychological skills, fraudsters make up different fictional stories to trick you into scams. Anti-Deception Coordination Centre (ADCC) has launched a new anti-scam publicity campaign called “Emotional Disturbances Faced by Scam Victim” with a view to taking the public through the psychological skills as well as other defrauding tricks used by fraudsters in telephone deception, romance scam, investment fraud and employment fraud.

Telephone Deception - Alarmist Call
In face of fear, you may be confused and fail to make decision.

In cases of telephone deception by pretending officials, fraudsters impersonating Mainland law enforcement officers call the victims and claim that they have violated the laws on the Mainland, requesting for guarantee payment, or their bank account numbers and PIN codes for investigation. Fraudsters also threaten to arrest the victims unless they do as they are asked.


Stay Calm! Do not believe such claims as “law enforcement officer” “investigation”, “arrest warrant” and “mobile application”. They are all defrauding tricks intending to drown you in fear. Stay alert or you will suffer what the character in the above video experienced – Lose all your savings to one scam call. 

Employment Fraud – Sales Booster

Being ignorant, you may fall for lies wrapped in deception.

In cases of employment fraud recruiting sales booster, fraudsters post recruitment advertisements on social media with such wordings as “handsome pay”, “experience not needed” and “flexible working system”. They claim that the victims can earn commission and get back their shopping amount after putting goods into shopping carts on the online shopping platform, sending them screenshots of the carts and depositing the shopping amount into a designated personal bank account. The fraudsters would keep the promise and remit the shopping amount and commission to the victims for initial transactions.


Don’t be too naive! Recruitment of “sales booster” is a tactic to trick ignorant job seekers into scams. In the end, fraudsters would ask victims to advance more payments to go for larger amount buying and they can then no longer be reached. Advice to job seekers who wish to make quick money: Stay alert to employment fraud!

Romance Scam – Online Dating 

Feeling lonely, you may lose your guard down when meeting someone online who shows care for you.

In cases of romance scam, fraudsters pretending to be pretty boys and girls approach victims on social media and show concern for them. Having developed love relationships with the victims, fraudsters would ask them for money with different pretexts. For example, they have purchased valuable gifts for victims but customs duties are charged; they have to pay medical fees for their terminally ill family members; or they need cash urgently due to some financial problems. 


Keep your wits about you! Don’t believe those sweet talk and excuses or you will suffer what the character in the above video experienced – Lose all your savings to a romance scammer.

Investment Fraud – Unwise Speculation

Once greed goes to your head, you may spend all your money on the so-called zero-risk investment plans.

In cases of investment fraud, fraudsters approach victims on social media and disguise as expert investors. They would introduce you scam investment applications and claim to have mastered the operation patterns of the apps, or have got inside information for you. You will be given a taste of investment benefits once you start making investments on the apps.

Don’t be tempted by quick money! Don’t believe such claims as “expert investor”, “high return with zero risk”, “inside information” and “sure-win investment apps”. In the end, when you want to reclaim the money, the customer service attendants on the apps will reject you with various excuses. Think about it, why would those experts share with you the sure-win investment tips? Don’t be greedy or you will suffer what the character in the above video experienced – Suffer a big loss for a little gain.