King of Phone Scams
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Fake Arrest Warrant
  • Call you with a spoofed number starting with a“+”sign.
  • Claim to have or present you with a fake warrant for your arrest, which carries your photo and personal information.
Bluff and Help
  • Pose as an officer from the mainland and allege that you have committed crimes from across the border.
  • An accomplice pretends to be another mainland officer, claiming to be able to help you have the charges dropped.
Relentless Tracking
  • Ask you to video record a statement and sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Ask you to keep sharing your locations on social media.
  • Ask you to delete all chat messages.
Phishing link
  • Send you a phishing link to a malicious app.
  • Ask you to download the app.
  • Steal your banking details.
From Agent to Scapegoat
  • Appoint a scapegoat for high-risk assignments.
  • Give you a mobile phone with malware.
  • Ask you to insert your own SIM card in order to steal your OTP (one-time password).