Latest Scam Alerts

Beware of Phone Scammers Impersonating Staff Working in Insurance Industry

Defrauding Tricks

Recently, scammers impersonating staff of the Insurance Authority (IA) or insurance companies called members of the public in the form of pre-recorded messages, falsely claiming that the recipients had got unpaid premiums. After saying that they did not take out such insurance policies, the victims were told to pay guarantees for cancellation of premiums and suffered pecuniary loss. 

Our Advice

  • The IA will not contact individual members of the public through pre-recorded phone calls and request them to take actions in relation to their insurance policies (press release issued by the IA);

  • Do not believe the scammers’ identities simply by the phone numbers they provide. You are advised to verify their identities by making enquiries to relevant organisations;

  • Remind your relatives and friends to stay vigilant against deception;

  • You are advised to make enquiries to your insurance company directly for any questions about your insurance policy;

  • If in doubt, please call the “Anti-Scam Helpline 18222” or the IA hotline (3899 9983) for enquiries.