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Beware of Investment Fraud Regarding Online Coupon Repurchase

Defrauding Tricks

Earlier, scammers impersonating staff of Alibaba approached victims on an instant messaging app and promoted an internal coupon repurchase campaign, falsely claiming that they would buy back the coupons from the victims at a high price after their purchase, and victims could profit from the price difference.

After clicking on the fraudulent hyperlink provided by the scammers and logging on to a fraudulent Alibaba “Coupon Mall” platform, the victims created an account and transferred a total of over HK$1,000,000 to different local bank accounts in instalments to purchase coupons. When the victims asked for withdrawals, they were told that the sum had been frozen and guarantee fees were required for unfreezing it. The scammers then could no longer be reached.

Our Advice

  • Do not log on to any suspicious websites or download any attachments by hastily clicking on hyperlinks embedded in SMS messages or web pages;

  • Do not believe high return or handsome profit and make investments recklessly without thinking, or you may suffer a great loss;

  • Enter suspicious phone numbers, web addresses or transferees’ account numbers on “Scameter” or “Scameter+”, the mobile app of “Scameter”, for security check in addition to seeking verification from relevant organisations;

  • Remind your relatives and friends to stay vigilant against deception;

  • If in doubt, please call the “Anti-Scam Helpline 18222” for enquiries.