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Phishing Scam Involving Fraudulent Scameter

Defrauding Tricks

Recently, there are scammers sending phishing SMS messages to the public and claiming that an amount of fraudulent funds worth more than HK$50 million have been recovered. The recipients are tricked into clicking on a link that leads to a phishing website. They will then be asked to install a bogus version of the anti-scam app “Scameter+” and input their mobile phone number and password.


Our Advice

Please note that the app “Scameter+” does not collect users’ personal information or require login. As soon as the recipients install the app and set up an account, the scammers might pose as officials from the mainland and ask them to deposit money into designated accounts as handling charge to retrieve the money lost.


There is no individual website for “Scameter”. You can use it for free on the homepage of CyberDefender ( You can also download the app by entering “防騙視伏App” or “Scameter+” from the official app stores or by clicking on the following links:


Apple “App Store”

Android “Google Play”

Huawei “App Gallery”

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