Latest Scam Alerts

Beware of Phone Scammers Impersonating Staff from MPFA or eMPF Platform Company

Defrauding Tricks

The MPFA has recently received enquiries from scheme members who had received phone calls from persons claiming to be calling from the MPFA or eMPF Platform Company, inviting them for a meeting to introduce MPF products or documents and requesting them to provide their personal information.


Anti-fraud Tips

  • The MPFA and eMPF Platform Company never contact individual scheme members by phone to introduce MPF products/documents or request scheme members to provide their personal information or details of their MPF accounts over the phone;

  • If scheme members receive a suspicious call or other forms of communication from someone claiming to be representative of the MPFA or eMPF Platform Company, call the MPFA hotline 2918 0102 to verify the identity of the caller or the authenticity of the message;

  • Do not disclose any personal information to strangers;

  • Remind your family and friends to stay alert against deception;

  • If in doubt, please call the Police’s “Anti-Scam Helpline 18222” for advice.