Latest Scam Alerts

Beware of Scammers Impersonating Police Officers


Defrauding Tricks

The Police have received reports from members of the public about receiving messages purportedly from police officers through instant messaging applications. A fraudulent police letter and a copy of the identity card of the recipients were attached, claiming that the recipients had committed money laundering offences. 


Our Advice

  • Even if the senders are able to tell your personal information or send you documents with your identity card, it does not necessarily mean that they are genuine law enforcement officers. Scammers can obtain the personal information of the public by unlawful means;
  • Genuine law enforcement officers will not ask for your bank account password in investigation of cases, or ask you to transfer money to designated bank accounts;
  • If anyone claim themselves as police officers and request for your personal information, bank account password or assets under various pretexts, contact corresponding offices to verify their identities;
  • If in doubt, call the “Anti-Scam Helpline 18222” for enquiries.