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Scameter to Identify Risk of Online Shopping

Defrauding Tricks 

Recently, the Police have received request for assistance from a member of the public who said that she purchased in bulk concert tickets of a popular singer from an online seller on social media, but the seller could not be reached after she paid by transfer. The victim suffered a loss of over $200,000 as a result. While online shopping brings convenience to consumers, the risks cannot be ignored. Please pay attention to the “High-risk Goods for Online Shopping Rankings” made by the Police, with reference to recent online shopping scam cases.


Our Advice

  • Recently, the Police has launched an anti-fraud search engine "Scameter" on the website of CyberDefender. Members of the public can enter the seller’s phone number, FPS number, page name etc. to assess the risk of dealing with the seller before payment.

  • Please click on to check out “Scameter” (Please note that the result of Purple indicates “No record” where no reports have been made to the Police, but it does not necessarily mean risk free. You should stay alert at all times).