Latest Scam Alerts

Beware of Celebrity Investment Scam

Defrauding Tricks

Recently, it has come to the Police’s attention that certain fake investment advertisements and websites, carrying photos of such high-ranking officials and celebrities as the Chief Executive and Financial Secretary, lure the public to click on the advertisements and direct them to suspicious transaction platforms. The authorities concerned have solemnly clarified that the advertisements and remarks are all fictitious. The Police is taking follow-up action and conducting investigation on the incident.


Our Advice

  • When you see reports or advertisements on celebrities making successful investment, verify their authenticity. Do not click on the reports, advertisements or embedded links;

  • Do not input your credit card details, online banking account information or digital keys of e-wallets into unknown websites or applications;

  • Check for spelling mistakes, invalid links or faulty grammar which are typical for fake investment websites;

  • It is probably a scam if the so-called “investment company” collects investment capital through personal bank account or e-wallet;

  • If in doubt, call the “Anti-Scam Helpline 18222” for enquiries.