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Beware of Loan Scammers Impersonating Local Bank Staff

Defrauding Tricks

Recently, members of the public have received suspicious instant messages or phone calls by scammers impersonating local bank staff. They claimed to offer loans at low interest rates and lured the victims into providing their personal bank account details, address proofs and income proofs. Subsequently, the scammers arranged to meet victims at fake law firms or other public places and lured them to pay guarantee fees by cash or deposit a sum of money into a designated bank account for the loan applications, or asked them to apply for loans at other finance companies. The staff could no longer be reached afterwards. It was not until the victims contacted the genuine bank staff for enquiries that they realised they are scammed. 

Our Advice

  • If you receive calls or instant messages purportedly from banks, contact corresponding banks for verification proactively. Members of the public could authenticate calls purportedly from banks on the website of the Hong Kong Association of Banks ;

  • Bank staff would never refer their clients to law firms to complete loan applications, or to other finance companies to apply for loans or sign any documents. Nor would they ask their clients to complete loan applications or sign contracts at places other than bank branches;

  • Before signing any contract or documents, make sure you fully understand the contents and details;

  • Do not disclose to strangers such personal information as your name, ID card number, bank account number and password, address and income proof;

  • Remind your relatives and friends to stay vigilant against deception;

  • If in doubt, please call the “Anti-Scam Helpline 18222” for advice.