Latest Scam Alerts

Telephone Deception (Impersonating officials of consulates in Hong Kong)

Several incidents have come to the Police’s attention where fraudulent telephone calls were made by swindlers who impersonated officials of consulates in Hong Kong. Please stay alert!
Modus Operandi
Swindlers, pretending to be English-speaking officials of consulates in Hong Kong, phoned victims and claimed that their immigration documents did not meet the requirements. Then, swindlers would demand the victims to transfer money to overseas bank accounts to sort things out.
Our Advice
  • If the callers claim themselves agents of law enforcement authorities or other institutions and request for your personal data and property with various reasons, contact the corresponding offices for verification of identity of callers;
  • Do not transfer money to strangers’ bank accounts; and
  • If in doubt, call the Anti-scam Helpline 18222 immediately.