Latest Scam Alerts

Beware of Suspicious Letters

It has recently come to the Police’s attention that fraudsters are sending letters to house owners in an attempt to extort money from them by purporting that they have breached the Housing Ordinance. Please stay alert!
Modus Operandi
The fraudsters sent letters to house owners, purporting that they had obtained illegal top-up mortgages for their properties, contrary to the Housing Ordinance. As instructed in the letters, the house owners concerned had to make payment to a designated virtual currency account as instructed, or their illegal cases of mortgage would be reported to the relevant regulatory bodies and the banks.
Our Advice
  • Remain cautious to any request for payment with whatever pretexts.
  • Do not deposit money into strangers’ accounts (including cryptocurrency accounts).
  • If in doubt, call the Anti-scam Helpline 18222.