Latest Scam Alerts

Buying or Selling Online? Be Cautious! Avoid Traps Incurring Loses!

Modus Operandi
Selling unavailable goods / services
The fraudster offers to sell goods or provide services through social media/ auction platform online. But the buyer fails to receive any goods or services after payment has been made.
Fraudster poses as a buyer
Fraudster who poses as a buyer shops online and makes false payment to the seller, for example, provides a bogus bank’s email confirming that the payment is made. The seller fails to receive payments after delivery of goods to the buyer.
Our Advice
  • Select sellers carefully while shopping online. Conduct transactions through an online trading system with identity authentication to reduce the chance of being swindled.
  • While selling goods via online platforms, do not believe too readily that the other party has made the payment to you just by referring to the deposit slip or the email the other party provides.
  • Buy tickets, shopping vouchers or moon cake coupons through official sales channels as far as possible and not to buy them from unidentified persons.
  • If there is any doubt about the identity of the other party, stop the transaction at once.
  • If you find anything suspicious, please consult the Hong Kong Police Force immediately by calling the “Anti-Scam Helpline 18222”, the 24-hour telephone hotline.
Buying or Selling Online? Be Cautious! Avoid Traps Incurring Loses!