Latest Scam Alerts

Telephone Deception (Impersonating Staff of Courier Companies)

Recently, the Police have noted an increase in telephone deception where swindlers pretended to be staff of courier companies. Please stay alert!
Modus Operandi
Members of the public received calls from swindlers who pretended to be staff of courier companies. The swindlers claimed that the identities of the victims were stolen to send parcels and the parcels were in custody by the customs. Then, other swindlers impersonating Mainland public security officers would pick up the call and offer to help the victims in handling and investigating the case. The swindlers might provide fraudulent arrest warrants and websites to lure the victims into disclosing their names, ID card numbers, bank account numbers, PIN codes, account balances and so on.
Our Advice
  • Don’t disclose your personal information (such as your name, ID card numbers, bank account numbers, PIN codes and account balances) to strangers.
  • If you reach any suspicious website which requires you to input your bank account information and PIN codes, stay vigilant and close the browser immediately.
  • Remind your relatives and friends to stay alert against deception.
  • Remember the “Three Dos” against telephone deception — “Hang Up”, “Verify” and “Get Help”.
  • If in doubt, please call the Anti-Scam Helpline 18222 or contact the respective courier company.