Latest Scam Alerts

Beware of Phone Scammers Impersonating Staff of the Inland Revenue Department

Modus Operandi
Members of the public have recently received calls from phone scammers impersonating staff of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and claiming that the call recipients were to be fined for questionable tax issues. Other Putonghua-speaking phone scammers would pick up the call and request the victims to provide their personal information, such as names, ID card numbers, bank account numbers and account balances.
Our Advice
  • The IRD affirmed that it would not make pre-recorded voice calls to the public, nor require call recipients to provide personal data by following instructions.
  • If the callers claim themselves as agents of law enforcement authorties or other institutions and request for your personal data and property with various reasons, contact the corresponding offices for verification of identity of callers.
  • Do not transfer money to strangers’ bank accounts.
  • Alert your relatives and friends regarding the scams.
  • If in doubt, please call the Anti-Scam Helpline 18222.