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Beware of Financial Intermediary Fraud by Scammers Impersonating Bank Staff

Modus Operandi
Members of the public have received calls from scammers impersonating bank staff and claiming to offer loans on preferential terms. The latter even produced forged name card as proof of identity. Afterwards, the victims were invited for a meeting at venue, such as cafe or alleged back office of the bank, where they were tricked or misled into signing a loan agreement. In fact, scammers were staff of a financial intermediary and the victims were charged for exorbitant fees. Even worse, victims were deceived to handover the whole loan payment and the scammers would then be out of contact.
Our Advice
  • Bank staff would never invite their customers to sign loan agreement at venue other than branches of the bank.
  • Don’t be credulous to callers. If in doubt, contact the corresponding bank to verify their identities .
  • Ascertain the contents and details of the agreement before signing.
  • If in doubt, please call the Anti-Scam Helpline 18222 immediately.