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Remittance Fraud by Fraudulent Money Service Operators (Money Changers)

Remittance Fraud by Fraudulent Money Service Operators (Money Changers)
Defrauding Tricks
It has recently come to the Police’s attention that fraudsters have opened a fraudulent money changer in Hong Kong. Fraudsters claimed on the social media that they had patronised the fraudulent money changer which offered a preferential exchange rate, and persuaded the victims to make enquiries at the shop. When victims saw the brick-and-mortar money changer, they were then conned into remitting money to mainland / local account(s) as instructed by the staff. Later, the staff purported, using various pretexts, that the money exchange transactions could not be conducted. Eventually, victims reported the case to the Police and discovered that the money changer did not hold any licence.
Our Advice
  • Go to money changers with good reputation or banks for currency exchange.
  • Verify whether the money changers hold relevant licences using the Money Service Operators Licensing System operated by the Customs and Excise Department at if necessary.
  • If in doubt, please call the Anti-Scam Helpline 18222 immediately.