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Beware of Naked Chat Scam

Beware of Naked Chat Scam
Latest Defrauding Tricks
Scammers approach victims online via social networking platforms, dating apps or instant messaging software under the guise of ‘friend making’. Having earned the others’ trust, the scammers would sweet-talk the victims into undressing or performing indecent acts in front of a webcam. They would also entice the latter to download malicious apps or disclose verification codes of instant messaging software with the intention of stealing their contact details on phone. Later, the victims were told that they had been filmed naked and were threatened to transfer money to a designated overseas bank account or to settle the sum in virtual money or by purchasing virtual point cards, or else the indecent footage would be circulated to their friends and families.
Our Advice
  • Be careful when making friends online. Don’t trust those you have newly met on the internet lightly. Remain cautious and vigilant at all times.
  • Don’t engage in naked chat with anyone, especially in the online virtual world.
  • Reject scammers' unreasonable requests such as remittance, purchase of virtual money or point cards.
  • If in doubt, please call the Anti-scam Helpline 18222 immediately.