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Beware of Employment Fraud

Beware of Employment Fraud
Latest Defrauding Tricks
Recently, it has come to the Police’s attention that fraudsters post recruitment advertisements on social media, offering lawful “quick cash” opportunities to lure victims to apply for loans at finance companies. The fraudsters claim that they would pay several times more to purchase the victims’ loan contracts. During the recruitment process, the fraudsters would invite the victims to discuss job details in the lobby of a premier commercial building to add credibility to the scam. After receiving the loans, the fraudsters would then flee and the victims have to shoulder the outstanding loans.
Our Advice
  • Remain skeptical when someone promise to give you a job with exceptionally lucrative offers;
  • If you contact the company you seek employment with or its staff merely on the Internet or social media, you must pay special attention to the company’s background, check in advance if the company is registered in Hong Kong and if the company address or company name matches with the place of interview;
  • In case someone asks you to apply for loans, or pay administration fees or other fees in the job interview, you should stay alert.
  • Before filling in any forms or documents, understand clearly the use of the forms and read carefully the job requirements or terms and conditions of the contract. Also, make sure if the documents are issued by the company. Do not provide any information or sign any documents if in doubt;
  • Keep your own property within your sight during the job interview.
  • If in doubt, please call the Anti-Scam Helpline 18222 for advice.