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Watch out for mobile applications planted with Trojan viruses

Watch out for mobile applications planted with Trojan viruses
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Recent reports point out that a network security company has found in official App stores a number of mobile applications which are planted with Trojan viruses. After downloading such applications, hackers can clandestinely monitor users’ activities on mobile phones. Malware in the applications can identify mobile banking applications in users’ mobile phones and obtain access to their login accounts and passwords.

Tips on the Use of Smartphones
  • Install security software and scanning and cleaning tools on mobile phones. Members of the public may visit the Cyber Security Campaign website of the Police's Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau ( for information on related softwares;
  • View your monthly bank statements regularly to check the transaction records of your bank accounts. If you find anything suspicious, you should notify corresponding banks immediately regardless of the amount involved. If you find that your savings or credit cards are stolen, please bring along relevant transaction records and call the Police for assistance;
  • Use the latest versions of the operating systems, online banking applications and browsers.
  • Do not download or open any suspicious files, visit any suspicious websites or open any unknown hyperlinks and attachments (e.g. emails, instant messages, SMS, QR codes);
  • Do not jailbreak or root mobile phones and tablets.