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Beware of Employment Fraud

Beware of Employment Fraud
Latest Defrauding Tricks

Recently, fraudsters have posted job advertisements for beautician, luring victims to attend interviews and training courses under the guise of recruitment. During interviews, fraudsters request victims to keep their mobile phones, wallets and valuables in lockers. While victims are attending training courses, fraudsters snatch their credit cards from the lockers with spare keys and bind the cards to mobile payment apps to purchase high-valued electronic products and gain profits from resale. As the fraudsters have the victims’ mobile phones in hand, the SMS verifications at transactions are passed successfully.

Our Advice
  • Keep your personal property and proof of identity in sight during job interviews;
  • Remain sceptical when someone promise you a job with exceptionally lucrative offers;
  • Check beforehand if the company is registered in Hong Kong and if the company address or company name matches with the place of interview;
  • If you contact the company you seek employment with or its staff merely on the Internet or social media, you must pay special attention to the company’s background;
  • Before filling in any forms or documents, understand clearly the use of the forms. Do not provide information or sign any documents if in doubt;
  • If you suspect that you have fallen prey to a scam, please call the “Anti-Scam Helpline 18222” for advice.