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Beware of Verification Code Scam

Beware of Verification Code Scam
Defrauding Tricks

Recently, the Police have received reports from members of the public that their money stored in e-wallets are transferred out after disclosing verification codes of their email accounts/e-wallets to scammers. Police investigation reveals the defrauding tricks as follows:

  1. Scammers send messages to victims using instant messengers on social media, claiming that they are holding annual sales or lucky draws for certain traders and that they can help victims register for prize collection, and the victims are requested to provide their email addresses and phone numbers;
  2. With the information in hand, the scammers proceed to request for verification codes to reset the email accounts/ log into the e-wallets;
  3. Eventually, the scammers take over the victims’ e-wallets and email accounts, snatching the victims’ deposit from the e-wallets.
Our Advice
  • If you receive messages about sales or lucky draws held by some organisations, verify with the corresponding organisations;
  • Change your e-wallet transaction passwords regularly;
  • Turn on the notification of your e-wallets and keep an eye on related emails and SMS messages. If any suspicious transactions or changes are observed, verify with the corresponding e-wallet providers proactively;
  • Do not disclose to strangers your e-wallet transaction passwords or any SMS verification codes;
  • Do not disclose to strangers any passwords or SMS verification codes from email service providers, and the email addresses linked to e-wallet accounts in particular;
  • If in doubt, call the Anti-Scam Helpline 18222 for advice.