Anti-Scam Test Across the Territory

Many people believe that they won’t be deceived so they pay no attention to anti-scam information. To enhance public awareness of deception prevention, the Anti-Deception Coordination Centre (ADCC) launched a territory-wide anti-deception publicity campaign called “Anti-Scam Test Across the Territory” between November and December 2022. The two-phase event aims to facilitate the public’s realisation that scammers are ubiquitous in a captivating way.

Will you be scammed?

During the first phase, deceptive advertisements with QR codes featuring discount and special offer were displayed on different channels such as newspapers and buses to gauge the public’s alertness and sensitivity to potential fraud. Test results indicated that members of the public are prone to fraud due to attractions of discount, special offer, money-earning opportunities, and pretty boys and girls.

Commissioner of Police (CP), SIU Chak-yee makes a public appeal at the territory-wide anti-deception publicity campaign.

Tips Against Scammers

ADCC specially produced a music video and four other videos to promote the campaign as well as to share tips against four types of prevalent scams, namely telephone deception of pretending officials, employment fraud of sales booster, romance cum investment scam, and online shopping scam. ADCC appeals to the public to stay alert and remind their families and friends to stay vigilant against deception.

Defrauding tricks come in different forms. Watch the MV and don’t fall into them!

Phone Scam Busted

Have you been receiving unknown calls? Did the callers claim to be from law enforcement agencies and ask for your e-banking account or password for you have violated laws? Watch the following video and see how to debunk the trick!

Recruitment Scam Busted

Working from home to get a daily pay of thousands of dollars with no experience required? Earning money just by pressing buttons? If there is such a good job, why are they so desperate to hire people? Watch the following video and see how to debunk the trick!

Cyber Romance Scam Busted

Pretty strangers add you as a friend for no reason? Sending you sweet messages every day? Being a professional and sharing investment tips with you? Chatting you up but never showing up in person? Watch the following video and see how to debunk the trick!

Online Shopping Scam Busted
Are you a fan of online shopping? Have you ever worried about failing to collect the goods after payment? Have you ever thought of being scammed? Watch the following video and see how to debunk the trick!