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Anti-Deception Coordination Centre 

To step up combat actions against deception and increase public awareness of various kinds of scams, the Hong Kong Police Force set up the Anti-Deception Coordination Centre (ADCC) under the Commercial Crime Bureau with a view to consolidating all the relevant efforts of the Force in fighting and preventing the crime.
Coming into operation on 20 July 2017, the ADCC operates an all-day enquiry hotline, “Anti-Scam Helpline 18222”, to provide immediate consultation for the general public and enhance support to frontline units of the Force in order to handle suspicious deception cases in a more effective manner. The general public may browse this website for the latest modus operandi of deception and scam alerts.
The ADCC performs the following major functions:
  1. to formulate and implement the strategic directions to combat deception;
  2. to provide instant telephone anti-deception consultation service for the general public to render timely assistance to those in need;
  3. to enhance the coordination amongst the Force, other government departments, and local and overseas stakeholders to combat and prevent deception;
  4. to coordinate the anti-deception publicity and education campaigns by various units of the Force and provide immediate support for the Force's frontline units; and
  5. to monitor and analyse the trend of deception cases, provide risk evaluation, and take timely actions.
The establishment of the ADCC reflects the determination of the Force to safeguard the general public's property, and starts a new chapter on the joint effort of the Force and various stakeholders to fight deceptions.